A Note on Chesapeake Septic Tank Cleaning

In the event that your home or office has a septic system, it is important to know when and if you will ever need the services of a professional septic tank cleaning company. One of the first places that people should check is their local phone directory. Typically, if the phone number is within the area of Chesapeake, then chances are good that the company does in fact provide septic service. Other options that a person can use when looking for a septic tank cleaning service in Chesapeake include checking online at the large phone book, calling a local business that provides this type of service as well as a large chain of retailers that sell septic systems, calling the local zoning department and learning if the septic system is hooked up to a storm drain or canal. Check Chesapeake Septic Tank Cleaning.

Most often times, if it is hooked up to a canal or storm drain, chances are that the septic tank cleaning company will be able to perform a free on site inspection to determine if a complete clean up will be needed. If they determine that the sewage system is in need of some cleaning up, they will most likely suggest to the homeowner that they contact a professional septic tank cleaner in Chesapeake that they recommend. Typically, the best time to have the inspection completed is during the spring and summer seasons, because this is the most common time when algae growth is at its worst. Some of the things that the inspector will be looking for signs of brown plumbing, a poor soil mix, discolored brown pipes and unsightly stains on the inside walls and outside of the septic tanks.

Brown plumbing is a result of insufficient bacteria in the septic tank and because these bacteria normally live in the base of the toilets and in the soil surrounding the toilet, it is very important to clean this area off regularly so that it can be properly handled by the septic cleaning company. Brown stinking waste water is also caused by the breakdown of the natural organic sludge that dissolves in the ground water, so it is important to also check out this area as well. Lastly, unsightly stains on the outside of the septic tank walls is a result of organic matter that has been deposited there over time and requires that the area be scrubbed down and thoroughly cleaned before another sewage service can be scheduled.

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