Eyebrow tattoos will give your eyes a new lease on life.

One of the first things people note about you is your eyes and brows. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the picture-perfect brows they want. Having sparse to no eyebrow hair can be caused by a variety of causes ranging from over-tweezing, medical conditions, and genetics. Many people even have the problem of brow hair that is too light in colour to be visible.check out more

Thanks to the introduction of new-age Korean eyebrow embroidery, none of these issues need to concern you any longer. Ink is injected into the skin to darken, fill in, or build the eyebrow in this cosmetic procedure. Though all of the reasons mentioned above might be sufficient for you to want this cosmetic procedure, many people do it simply because it looks nice.

Eyebrow Tattoos’ Durability and Pigmentation

Depending on how and where you get your eyebrow tattoos, they will last a lifetime or a few years. The colour of the eyebrow tattoo Korea in the first two weeks is darker than the final colour. It takes ten to fourteen days for the tattoo to heal, and once the area has peeled away, the true colour of the tattoo can be seen. This colour would be significantly lighter than the last one you saw on your brows. If you don’t like how the peeling looks after it’s removed, you can tell the professional and get advice about what you should do.

Touch-ups are a great way to prolong the life of your eyebrow embroidery in Korea. Touch-ups can be performed anywhere from once every five years to once every six months, depending on your schedule and the state of your tattoo. The touch-ups are all about fixing the eyebrows’ color-lightening issues by incorporating more pigments to redefine the look.