About Nose Piercing

Nose piercing (or nose jewelry piercing, to some people) is probably the oldest known piercing practice. It dates back to ancient Egypt and was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. In modern times, many people in the United States and Europe get nose jewelry piercing to look good with their daily makeup, or to complement an outfit. The practice has also spread to parts of Asia, where it is commonly called “belly button piercing”. Nose jewelry can be placed anywhere on the human body, but the obvious locations are the nostrils: the upper, side, or lower nostril. But you can also pierce anywhere on your arm or legs, even your groin. When nose piercing, keep in mind that the process works best when the jewelry is being worn close to the base of the nose. That way, you minimize the possibility of infection, since the pierced area is a likely site for bacteria to grow. Visit us on PiercingShops.


Nose piercings are usually done with a metal stud, although some practitioners do now use titanium or a special plastic called the “bastard” stud. After the initial piercing (usually with the help of an expert or friend), you should get the piercing done with diluted saline solution. Saline is a clear solution that cleans the skin of bacteria. You should clean the jewelry twice a day with this solution, or more often as needed: if you don’t clean it enough, the bacteria can build up and cause a nasty infection.

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