Batchelder & Collins Inc- An Overview

Since 18 splits, Batchelder & Collins Inc. has stayed true to its commitment to offering top quality lines of stone, brick, mortar, and other natural & man-made stone veneer in a vast variety of styles to meet the needs of property owners and design professionals. The Company prides itself on providing the best selection, the finest in materials, and the best service possible to its customers. In order to accomplish its mission, the Company takes pride in following strict guidelines and industry standards, adhering to government demands. The Company strives to deliver only the best products and customer services to its valued customers, assuring their satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial grade stone, brick or concrete veneer, the Company will have it and help you design your dream project. click to read Batchelder & Collins Inc

The primary focus of Batchelder & Collins Inc. is on its wide selection and consistent product offerings. In addition to offering a large selection of products that are designed to enhance the appearance of your home and enhance the functionality and efficiency of your home, the Company also offers a full range of paving products that can be designed to meet the needs and specifications of property owners. We manufacture a wide variety of patio pavers such as Diamond Star, Batchelder Slab, Batchelder Outstanding, Batchelder Treadmill, and many more. All of these products are designed to meet the specifications and desires of the property owners.

One of the most popular and versatile types of patio pavers is Diamond Star. It is comprised of a series of over ninety individual diamonds that are arranged in a grid pattern. This pattern of diamonds is what gives this particular type of stone the “spark” that most property owners want. Batchelder & Columbia Inc., however, does not use diamonds in their Diamond Star series of patio pavers. Rather, they use tiny diamonds that are approximately one thousandths of an inch in size, giving the stones a look that is close to marble. In addition to being a highly striking pattern and color combination, this particular feature makes it ideal for any type of surface and environment, including commercial buildings and residential homes.