All about Photos Geotag

One of the coolest applications I have found for my iPhone is Photos Geotag. With this application you can access all of your camera’s historical location information which allows you to instantly search for photos in specific areas, or even browse through a region and/or city. This amazing application is incredibly easy to use, all that is required is that you first download the Photos Geotag application to your iPhone and enable the service (which is free). Once enabled, you will be able to access the service via your Apple iPhone’s “Settings” app. click over here Photos Geotag

The Photos Geotag application acts as both a GPS and a calendar so you can quickly locate where on earth a particular photo may have been taken. To use it, you first load up the Maps application on your iPhone and then simply touch the” Photos Geotag” icon located in the Maps app’s main menu. This will open the application, once that you will be able to tap the button in order to activate the service (which is free). Once activated you will be able to browse through your photos in a dedicated geotag mode, allowing you to see where they were taken and what their location was at the time of the shot. You will then be able to see a map that co-ordinate with your current location and a description of the location, as well as an address.

In order to take full advantage of Photos Geotag you will need to be able to access the service when you are on the go. This means that you should make sure that you always carry your phone with you whenever you plan to use it. If you travel a lot or you often take photographs or videos while travelling, you should definitely make sure that you have the Photos Geotag application loaded onto your phone. This is incredibly helpful when planning any travels, whether you want to plan a short holiday, a long holiday, a weekend away, or something in between. The best thing about the service is that it can also be used with any of your existing mobile service providers. Once you have loaded the app on your phone and started using it, all of your existing service providers will be able to tell you exactly where you are located and how close you are to any points of interest when you are travelling.