Resetting Your iPhone Passcode- A Guide

Resetting Your iPhone’s password can often be difficult and even frustrating, especially when faced with the choice of having either locked your phone or losing it entirely! There are two ways to reset your Apple iPhone’s password – through software and through the hardware. Depending on your iPhone brand it may be locked with a combination of up to four codes:

iPhone security explained Many people choose to reset their passcodes via the hardware method… Apple themselves provide a series of tools for this purpose but they are not the simplest of steps to take. Having a backup is an excellent fallback if all other methods fail, but what happens when you forget your simple password and your only option is to reset it via iTunes? In this case, restoring your backup will do nothing as your lock has been reset. This article looks at how to use iTunes to reset your phone passcode. How-To Guide: Resetting Your iPhone Passcode?

The easiest way to reset your iPhone’s passcodes is to use third party software tools such as those provided by Reverse Phone Detective. Using these tools, you first need to download one off the internet and then install it on your phone (usually through usb). Once it’s installed, you then need to insert your phone’s SIM card and then use the “reset” option in iTunes. When prompted enter the 4-digit passcode you were trying to enter, then follow it up with a “successful” and if all is well your phone should now be able to return to normal again. However, if this method does not work we recommend you try using the d-back data recovery method which is detailed below.