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A debt defense lawyer is an attorney that you turn to when your creditor files a complaint against you for the outstanding balance on your unsecured credit card account. Debt defense lawyer aids lawyers defending clients against original creditors and third-party collection agencies that may be trying to collect more money than what your balance was at the time of default. The debt defense lawyer represents you in negotiations with your creditor or creditors to settle the debt for a lesser amount. click over here Debt Defense Lawyer in New Bern

You are not the first person in debt, nor will you be the last. Creditors and collection agencies have been collecting debts for years. When someone defaults on a credit card bill, the lender is allowed to contact collection agencies to attempt to recover the funds. The collection agency can either be successful in recovering the funds, or they may not be able to recover anything at all. The debt collector has the right to sue to recover the funds if no settlement can be reached with the debtor. This is when debt defense attorneys become involved.

Debt collectors have become increasingly aggressive in pursuing debtors in an effort to recoup what they can; this aggressive pursuit of debt can cause many problems for you and affect your personal life. Collection agencies use many unethical and unfair practices in an effort to collect the debt that they can, including: threatening you with violence, falsely accusing you of tax evasion, making false promises regarding repayment of your debt or stating that you are not legally permitted to pay the debt. If you are contacted by a collection agency while you are in the process of paying off your account with a debt defense attorney, you may want to seek legal counsel immediately.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was enacted by the United States Congress to help consumers who have been contacted by third party debt collectors in an attempt to collect money they do not owe. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires that all third party debt collectors to follow appropriate procedures and state clearly that they will not harass consumers in an attempt to collect a debt. It also requires the third party debt collectors to inform the consumer that they have contacted the consumer and that they will be contacting the appropriate authorities if the debt is not paid.

When the third party contacts you to pursue a debt, you must seek the services of a good debt attorneys. These lawyers can be found through the American Bar Association, who can assist you in preparing a complaint and bringing it to court if necessary. Debtors can obtain services from any good litigation service provider. These litigation service providers have lawyers on staff who specialize in dealing with creditors and other third party collection agents who harass consumers in an attempt to retrieve money they do not owe.

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