Tips for Safe Laser Hair RemovalTips for Safe Laser Hair Removal

If you are planning on having laser hair removal procedures performed it is important to follow a few tips for safe laser hair removal. For at least two weeks prior to and after laser hair removal you should avoid tanning beds, sun exposure, and tanning products. This rule is also non-negotiable, in order to prevent your risk of hyperpigmentation, burns, scars, or infections. For the safety of your skin and overall well being, you should schedule an initial consultation with a doctor before undergoing any laser procedures. click here to read more

You should always try to stay out of the direct sunlight no matter where you may be or what you may be doing. In fact, laser hair removal is best for you if you never want to be out in the sun or have to deal with the sun’s harmful rays. Your skin needs to stay protected from UV rays because their damaging nature will easily damage your skin cells as well as the follicles. One way to keep your skin safe is by using an umbrella while still in the air. It is also important to wear sun screen whenever possible, even on cloudy days.

When shaving for laser treatments, you should use disposable razors that have soft blades that will not hurt or cut your skin. Be sure to carefully read the instructions on the package before you begin shaving. This will help you achieve the closest shave possible without irritating or burning your skin. You should also avoid using alcohol or aftershaves when you are about to have your laser treatments since these products can cause a great deal of irritation. Using these products may also cause a rash, which is another reason why it is best for you to avoid sun exposure and razor bumps during your laser treatment.