Facts About Doulas That May Surprise You

Doulas are women who provide clinical assistance to women during their childbearing years. There are postpartum doulas that help new parents adjust to the demands of a new infant, as well as childbirth doulas who assist mothers in having the birth experience they want. Some doulas provide both services, while others specialise in one or the other. you could try these out Washougal Childbirth Class

The term “doula” is derived from a Greek word that means “servant.” It was invented in the 1970s as a term for a female attendant’s skilled assistance during childbirth. In recent years, hiring a doula has become more popular. Many people today have learned of doulas and most likely know someone who has used one. However, there is still some misunderstanding about what a doula does. Here are a few facts about doulas that you may not know:

Doulas are useful for more than just natural births.

The natural childbirth culture relies heavily on doulas. The majority of doulas support drug-free births and breastfeeding. As a result, doulas are often misunderstood as only being open to mothers who want a natural birth.

Doulas, in fact, are for every woman. Doulas have been shown to be extremely helpful to women of all backgrounds, including those who are seeking caesareans or medically induced deliveries. In reality, regardless of the mother’s overall attitude toward childbirth, many community-based doula services have been highly effective in improving infant and maternal health within local hospitals.

A doula would not attempt to take your partner’s place.

When it comes to hiring a doula for childbirth or postpartum treatment, romantic partners are often suspicious. Although many doulas work with organisations such as Operation Special Delivery to attend births for military wives who are separated from their husbands due to active duty, they may provide invaluable support to both partners. It’s painful to see someone you care for in pain.

Furthermore, unlike doulas who have witnessed several births, a labouring woman’s spouse or husband is unlikely to have ever been in the delivery room other than the day they were born. They don’t know what to expect, what’s usual, or how to assist their loved one. At this stage, doulas step in to provide guidance and encouragement. They teach the partner how to console the labouring mother while also reducing anxiety.